A Dinner Party With Jesus

So, if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.    (Jn. 13:13)

At the service when we would remember Jesus’ last night alive on this earth, we followed His command to wash each other’s feet. I would always set-up the washing-party with words like these: “We do this washing because Jesus asks us to do so. Whose feet would Jesus have you wash? Who would Jesus want to wash you? What do you need washed away?”

One year when I said these words I saw a woman bolt out of the pews with the clear intent to be my washing-partner.  I need not go into the background or circumstances, but I didn’t want this woman anywhere near my feet.

I wanted to run away but doing so would have caused a scene.  So, I sat down and took off my socks and shoes.  As she poured water over my feet I saw that she was crying.

At that moment I received an image of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  He washed their feet, even when He knew they would use those feet to run away from Him in only a few hours.

As I saw all this in my mind’s eye, the anger, hurt, and betrayal that I had felt with her was washed away and gone.  In that washing-party with Jesus, all was forgiven and healed.

Is there someone who has hurt or betrayed you?  Is there someone whom you have hurt or betrayed?

If so, I encourage you to think about what Jesus’ command to wash each other could be saying to you.  If the actual physical event of washing this other person isn’t appropriate, or wouldn’t work, then I encourage you to use your imagination to pray yourself, this other person, and Jesus into a washing party.

Jesus asks us to wash each other because He wants us to follow His example.  He knows that we all need to have certain feelings, disappointments, and hurts washed away.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Imagine that you are at a dinner party with Jesus. After everyone has eaten, I want you to see Jesus kneeling before you to wash your feet.  What do His hands feel like?  When He dries your feet and looks at you, what do you see in His face?
  1. Why do you think Jesus asks us to wash each other? He doesn’t suggest that we do.  He commands that we do.  What would Jesus have you do with this command?
  1. Return to the dinner party with Jesus. Again, He is kneeling before you with a pitcher of water.  Right now, in your life, what do you need Him to wash away?

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