Glimpses of Heaven

The Father loves the Son and has placed all things in his hands.  Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life… (John 3:35)

Just as hell can be here and now, so can heaven. Jesus says that when we believe in Him, we are given eternal life.  Heaven isn’t simply the place where we hope to end up; it’s also the place where we can live daily.

This experience of heaven now isn’t, of course, heaven in its fullness; but it is a taste of heaven and it does start our ultimate journey to heaven forever.

What does daily heaven look and feel like?  Heaven comes when we trust that the grace of Jesus can cover up our sin, acting out, messing up.  Heaven comes when we forgive—forgive both others who have hurt us and ourselves when we fall short of our best selves.  Heaven is ours when we truly love someone else and are truly loved back.  Heaven comes when we are making a difference in the world, when we get on our knees in praise, when we raise our eyes in trust, when we lift up our hearts in gratitude, and when we extend our arms to help others.

Although many of us can oscillate between experiencing heaven and hell several times each day, we must consider where we spend the preponderance of our time.  Where is the general trajectory of our souls and hearts and minds headed—towards the light or the darkness, towards hope or fear, towards kindness or meanness?

The more we trust in Jesus, the more heaven isn’t simply the place where we will be destined but also the place where we can live every day.

Today I encourage us to believe that Jesus didn’t only come to get us to heaven someday.  He also came to infuse and inject heaven into our lives now.

Reflection questions:

  1. During your day, do you spend more time in hell or heaven? What are the hell-leaving and heaven-tending things you could do to improve your days and your life?
  1. Can you think of a moment when you got a glimpse of heaven? If so, you were probably with someone else.  How do you think they would feel if you told them that you experienced a moment of heaven with them?  What are you waiting for?
  1. Jesus wants you to be a heaven-sharer, a heaven-spreader.  What is your plan for doing so today?

One thought on “Glimpses of Heaven

  1. jolynnhoward

    You just know me. I am certain that’s what everyone says about their relationship with you. I have been so upset about my beloved New Orleans Saints, I lost all perspective. Bless you my friend

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