God’s Love Has No Limits

And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s only son, full of grace and truth.   (John 1:14)

One day as I read today’s scripture to a group of about 60 men, I felt like I could hear Jesus speaking these words into the circumstances and needs of their lives.

To the man who had recently put his daughter into alcohol rehab, Jesus was saying, “Your pain is my pain.”

To the man who’s 25-year marriage was in trouble, Jesus was saying, “I can make all things new.”

To the man who was battling the HIV virus, Jesus was saying, “You aren’t alone. I battle with you.”

To the men who were struggling with addictions, Jesus was saying, “I struggle with you, and with me you can be free.”

To the man who was worried about his son’s depression, Jesus was saying, “Remember that there’s no darkness I will not share and lead you out of.”

To the husband who was saying goodbye to his dying wife, Jesus was saying, “I will be there to receive the love of your life.  Someday, we shall all be together.”

To the man who was bleeding over the estrangement with his son, Jesus was saying, “With grace, all estrangements can be healed.”

To the man who was ashamed because of his acting-out, Jesus was saying, “Accept my mercy; put away your shame.”

Everywhere I turned, I heard how Jesus had become flesh of their flesh—sharing in their pain, need, worry, desire, and joy.  What I was hearing was a beautiful orchestra of grace.  What I was seeing was a mosaic of love. What I was feeling was how God’s love has no limits or end.

“The Word of God became flesh.” I encourage you to think about what these words mean in your life.  I don’t know what pain, worry, anxiety, or struggle you have, but Jesus does.  His heart is beating with yours. His shoulder is leaning in upon yours so that there is no gap between Him and you.  I pray that the implications of these words—“the Word of God became flesh”—stagger you with comfort and joy.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Where and how do you need the “Word made flesh” in your own life right now?
  1. Where and how might those who most matter to you need the “Word made flesh” in their own lives?
  1. If you considered how every person needs the Word of Jesus to be made flesh, that is made real, in their lives, how might how you look at and treat people change?

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One thought on “God’s Love Has No Limits

  1. Linda Huff

    “His heart is beating with yours” that spoke to me. He knows when I’m scared, worried, unsure, but His heartbeat will steady mine.

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