“Thoughtful, faithful reflections on Jesus’ teachings, and His message of love and worthiness for all of us. Affirmations we need to hear, and to teach others in our lives and work. I have had the honor of being taught by Jim Nutter. It changed my perspective in so many deeply important ways. So grateful to find these writings.”

Linda Schmieg Collins – November 27, 2018


“Simple truths that help you remember what you believe.”

Michelle Howard Speier – November 29, 2018


“First and foremost you speak or write of the things of God, Scripture and Jesus Christ. I am still reading your posts! More I am sure.”

Molly Belle – December 12, 2018


“Helps relate the true meaning of Christ within our lives. The reflections are simple yet very real and applicable within my own life.”

Watson Potter – December 12, 2018