“The mission statement is powerful and uplifting. Well said.
May we all find the light when we need it most!”

Robyn E Lebron – February 20, 2019


“Thoughtful, faithful reflections on Jesus’ teachings, and His message of love and worthiness for all of us. Affirmations we need to hear, and to teach others in our lives and work. I have had the honor of being taught by Jim Nutter. It changed my perspective in so many deeply important ways. So grateful to find these writings.”

Linda Schmieg Collins – November 27, 2018


“Simple truths that help you remember what you believe.”

Michelle Howard Speier – November 29, 2018


“First and foremost you speak or write of the things of God, Scripture and Jesus Christ. I am still reading your posts! More I am sure.”

Molly Belle – December 12, 2018


“Helps relate the true meaning of Christ within our lives. The reflections are simple yet very real and applicable within my own life.”

Watson Potter – December 12, 2018